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Kids Mindful Yoga

As part of our Prevention efforts, Veritas' Kids Mindful Yoga is an exciting opportunity for children to learn how to regulate their emotions and calm their minds in fun ways while exercising their bodies through kid-friendly yoga flows! Email for more info. 


Trauma Informed Consultations

If your organization requires Trauma Informed  consultations regarding conflict resolution, policies and procedures, best practices, or an evaluation of physical space, our team provides assessments and recommendations to best suit your needs. 

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Nervous System Regulation

For those who have survived Trauma, often nervous system dysregulation can lead to self-isolation and feeling less than accepted or understood by peers. Veritas offers education and practical approaches through Coaching to assist with increasing quality of life through the Empowerment Model.


Retreat Yourself!

Our team will launch various retreats that emphasize nervous system regulation and self-compassion for those who desire the same, but require a more immersive experience to get the results desired.

Details on these events are forthcoming. 

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Our Vision

By fostering a deeper understanding of nervous system regulation, we envision a world where everyone can navigate stressors with grace, achieve inner harmony, and thrive in their daily lives.

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