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You Deserve Your Healing. 

Empowering Survivors of Trauma and Organizations that Serve Survivors

Through Education with Emphasis on Nervous System Repair

Veritas is an institution which assists survivors in overcoming setbacks from Trauma,
curating a culture that fosters safe and non-threatening environments
so that impaired nervous systems can be restored to health,
improving survivors’ over-all quality of life.

Ways We Help

The Focus of Our Efforts

pen to all children in grades 1-5, our program, held at Urban Air in Port St. Lucie on Monday evenings, is designed to instill self-care, intuition, resilience, and healthy boundaries. Register your child for our next session via EventBrite or contact Jessie at

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Economic Development

Viewing challenges as opportunities, we empower survivors with entrepreneurship education, enabling them to secure comfortable incomes while on their healing journey.

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Consent Education

We empower trauma survivors with practical strategies to establish clear, healthy boundaries, ensuring their consent is respected. Our innovative tools, like color-coded wristbands at social events, support non-verbal communication of these boundaries.

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Collaborating with educational institutions and adult venues, we provide Calming Rooms for immediate nervous system regulation, helping individuals distinguish between present circumstances and past traumas.

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Healthy Coping Mechanisms

We're dedicated to breaking the isolation often felt by trauma survivors by fostering community support and education, encouraging the adoption of constructive coping mechanisms.

Classmates in the Library
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Community Prevention

Community Prevention and Support: Our community outreach efforts focus on providing essential resources like kids' yoga and nutritious food, particularly for trauma-impacted individuals, alongside educational materials on trauma healing and boundary setting.

Join us at Veritas in transforming lives through comprehensive support, education, and community engagement. Together, we can create a world where every individual has the resources and support needed to heal, thrive, and change their corner of the world.

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Gratitude to Our Sponsors

A special thank you to Wawa for sponsoring our Food Initiative for families who have limited transportation! 


A Mindful thank you to

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Port St Lucie 

for sponsoring our Kids' Mindful Yoga Sessions! 

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